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I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Everyday but all I have is time
Our love's the perfect crime

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Every way and when they set me free
Just put your hands on me

 Jack sits at his desk tapping the end of his pen on the hard wood of the desktop. Procrastinating, as always, the captain isn’t interested in going over the massive mound of paper work in front of him. He contemplates childishly spinning in his chair, but the office door is open and he can see the rest of the team at their work stations, busy. Or seemingly busy, he can’t really tell clearly from here if they are actually working or just trying to appear like they are.

Ianto must have felt his gaze boring into him because the Welshman looks up and locks eyes with him. Blue on Blue. They stare at each other, frozen in a moment that neither man, now caught by the other looking, dares be the first to look away.

The younger man finally gives in dragging his eyes away from Jack’s eyes and down to the desk in front of the immortal and the accumulated mess of reports and files laid out on it. He rolls his eyes, the captain knows that even from his desk Ianto can tell he hasn’t done any work at all. This is either because Ianto knows Jack well enough to know that he hasn’t or because the archivist knows Jack’s desk so well he can tell at a glance nothing has changed. The immortal thinks it’s a bit of both.

He shrugs and offers his partner an apologetic smile. Paperwork isn’t really what he’s thinking about at the moment. Actually, what’s really on Jack’s mind is figuring out a good reason to send the rest of the team home, and then bending the Welshman over this desk. Paperwork be damned he can always pick the scattered mess up off the floor later.


The captain taps his pen on the desktop again thinking. He could do it anyway and not send the others home. Make it a game to see if his partner can stay silent enough that the team doesn’t know what they’re doing. (Not that calling Ianto into his office and closing the door isn’t in itself a dead give away as to their intentions) Jack meets his lover’s gaze once again and smirks. That mischievous smirk that Ianto knows means he’s definitely up to no good.

The captain looks around at the rest of the team a moment and lets out a noisy breath buzzing his lips as he does so emitting a slightly annoying. “Ppppbbbbbttt” sound in the process. He’d rather save the Welshman the embarrassment and potential for harassment from Owen, and just wait until the day is finished. Until then he’ll just feign doing these reports. He may even actually sign off on a few of them.


But later. Jack Harkness grins devilishly as he opens the manila cover on the topmost file on his desk. Well, Ianto doesn’t know it yet, or if he knows his captain well enough he has an idea, but later when everyone else has left, and Welshman and his captain are alone, he’s going to be spread out over this desk and fucked until he can’t walk straight. Jack may even let his lover bend him over the desk. Maybe if the younger man can manage to stand once the captain is done with him. 

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